Our Manifesto

TraceTogether's model of community-driven contact tracing is the first nationwide deployment of a Bluetooth contact tracing solution in the world. We are hopeful that TraceTogether can bring benefits to communities around the world in our common fight against COVID-19. We are heartened by the interest from governments, non-profits and companies looking to adapt TraceTogether for their communities.

TraceTogether is built on the BlueTrace protocol, designed by the Government Digital Services team at Government Technology Agency of Singapore. Mobile apps and wearables (in the future) that deploy the BlueTrace protocol are able to blend decentralised and centralised models of contact tracing. The collection and logging of encounter/proximity data between devices that implement BlueTrace is done in a peer-to-peer, decentralised fashion, to preserve privacy. At the same time, the analysis and the provision of epidemic control guidance is done centrally by a trusted public health authority, committed to driving adoption. Sovereignty is respected through a federated model among a network of participating countries and public health authorities.

COVID-19 and other novel viruses do not respect national boundaries. Neither should humanity's response. In a globalised world, with high volumes of international travel (until very recently 😢), any decentralised contact tracing solution will need mass adoption to maximise network effects. We believe that TraceTogether and its sister implementations should be inter-operable, and that's what we're building towards.

These are big dreams, and success is not guaranteed. There are both technical and non-technical challenges that stand in the way.

We are working around the clock to finalise our protocol reference documents and reference implementation, to open source what we have built, so that others may deploy their own flavours of TraceTogether - each implementing the BlueTrace protocol. We appreciate your patience in the meantime.

Please stay tuned for more updates. You may also reach us for specific queries pertaining to collaborations and partnerships at

When we TraceTogether, we are safer together.

- Team TraceTogether
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